Thursday, July 1, 2010

Woohoo, my quilt is going to visit Bronya!

Nutty Natty's blog went to Houston to visit Bronya, and now my quilt is going too. Lucky Bron!
Yes, I'm awfully excited that my quilt 'My Big Wide World' has been accepted as one of 25 finalists in The Festival Gallery of Quilt Art: Wonders of the World.

I hope you've got the festival marked in your diary for November, Bronya, as I expect you to be my eyes and ears, and look forward to hearing all about it! (Well, if you wish to that is... sometimes I have to remind myself that not everyone is as interested in and excited by quilts as I am :) ). Anyway, a big thankyou, Bronya, for pointing out the exhibition to me, with just enough time to spare!


bronya said...

Woohoo ... that's exciting ... I've definitely marked the festival in my diary - very much looking forward to it ... I knew they wouldn't be able to resist one of your quilts :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations ruth

Jan said...

Congratulations Ruth, especially on completing the quilt on such a tight schedule. Looking forward to seeing a photo of it later in the year. Good luck for the final!