Monday, May 17, 2010

Done, with 10 days to spare

It's finished! And over a week to spare, too. I suppose I should say 'almost finished' - still have to stitch the label to the back, but I'm still thinking about the title. The working title has been "It's a big wide world out there in my backyard" - sort of title/artist's statement rolled into one. But this is probably too much of a mouthful for a title, so I'm still deciding how to abbreviate it. I was going to ask for your thoughts, but I suppose that would be a bit rude of me, without first showing you a picture of the quilt. And that can't be done, so I guess I'll have to nut it out myself...

I'm very happy with how the whole process went with this quilt. Often quilt ideas stew in my mind for far too long before I finally get around to making them. I tend to hesitate/procrastinate before tackling a large quilt, wanting to be sure that the design is what I want, given the time investment involved. But this latest quilt was completed in just over four weeks (including the design process) and I loved the experience of just plunging straight into a new quilt without too much forethought. The design process was tackled much more decisively because of the time restrictions. Maybe it won't be visible to others, but to me this quilt seems a bit more spontaneous than earlier pieces. Probably mainly because I haven't worked on it for half as long, and am therefore not sick of the sight of it yet!

I was also able to further develop the use of screenprinting within the quilt design and quiltmaking process and love the results. I'm extremely motivated to move on to new works right now. So all in all I'm proclaiming this quilt a huge success in terms of my personal development. Huge thanks to Bronya for sparking the whole project by referring me to this exhibition!

Sorry I can't show the quilt here. If you live local, just pop in for a cuppa if you'd like a peek. Otherwise I'm afraid you'll have to wait till November at the earliest...

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