Monday, April 19, 2010

Did someone mention 'challenge'?

Certain people should never leave 'innocent' links to exhibition opportunities in the comments of this blog. Especially when the deadline is five weeks away. Especially when said person possibly knows full well that certain people around here can't resist a challenge.

So, of course, the challenge is being taken up. I aim to have a quilt ready for entry in five weeks time. For a number of reasons, really. One being that the theme of this exhibition fits so well with the ideas I have been exploring. Another being that I don't know if it is doable for me to have a quilt ready in this time - and I would like to know. Another being that there is nothing like a challenge to get me going (as already mentioned). And of course a trip to Houston would be an added bonus. And really there is nothing to lose, as failing everything else, I will at least have made progress on a new quilt!

Saturday and Monday were spent drawing up a new design. I'll share some of that process in another post. Now my schedule looks (very roughly) like this:
Week 1 - cutting out the quilt pieces
Week 2 and 3 - piecing the quilt top (including printing the fabric at various points along the way)
Week 4 - layering and quilting the quilt
Week 5 - binding the quilt, burying the threads and photographing the finished piece

I'm looking forward to the challenge!


bronya said...

thats exciting! ... I bet Phil doesn't like me much at the moment ... good thing I'm all the way over here ...

Phil said...

Oh, Bron... better than suggesting Etsy shops and such! :) ... it's cool, I'm very excited about this too. Can't wait to see the end result! Also, I can report that all is on track at the moment.

MumMulder said...

Good for you Ruth (and Bronya)! Skyped Owen & Bron this morning & they told me about your quilt (and you as well?) coming to Houston! Hope it's VERY successful!!
Renee Mulder