Monday, July 26, 2010

Rest day

I'm having a rest day today. The last weeks have been rather crazy around here - so busy that there has been almost no daytime quiltmaking, which is quite unusual us. So today all regular chores have been cancelled for the day. I find this hard to do, knowing that I will have to play catch up tomorrow, but right now I am enjoying the slowness of the day - a bit of drawing, snuggles with the 6-month old, lots of coffee-drinking, some time spent with the potty and a certain 2 year old spending his first day in jocks, and in between, tying of thread ends on my latest quilt. Although I am not as far into this quilt as I had hoped to be at this point, thanks to the Tour and long evenings of stitching, the first stage of the machine-quilting is complete. I need to tie of all the existing thread ends before I can start the next stage. Hoping the quilting will be finished by the end of this week... I need to allow time for binding, photographing, and posting the images to arrive in the US by early September.

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