Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Habits, routines and traditions

Phil and I were talking the other day about how small children seem to thrive on routine, and enjoy the little habits that make up daily life. For example: when I have to pop into town for something, I have made a habit of walking, rather than taking the car. Daniel, Caleb and I all thoroughly enjoy this. Sometimes Hannah comes with us, and she adds her own little 'habits' to our walking routine - like ducking under the bicycle obstacles along the footpath (while we have to maneouvre around them with the pram. Caleb always thinks this is hilarious, and even when Hannah is not with us, he talks about what Hannah does. "Hannah, through, under, beat you!" he giggles, everytime we pass those obstacles! Hmmm, I wonder how I can interpret this facet of childhood into a quilt?Today the routine changed a little, as Hannah's baby was allowed to come along too. I wonder if Caleb will talk all about that next time we go walking.And of course, the best thing about going for a walk around lunchtime, is fresh lunch from the baker!

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