Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What we've really been up to

I have to apologise for being a little bit sneaky. The last few blogposts were prescheduled (a little security precaution). We were actually enjoying a long lazy camping holiday. I took along a fair bit of 'work' and intended to spend time planning and organising myself a bit better for the new year. But then we found the beach and I never touched any of it. The weather was too warm for anything more than swimming and eating icecream, both of which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The long-planned two-week holiday meant that the timeframe for completing my 'Regeneration 2012' quilt was actually even shorter than otherwise. Thankfully I had Daniel's help...
The last threads were tied off and buried in the car on the way to our holiday destination. Today I need to photograph it and pop it in the mail.

And then, based on the weather forecast, my plans for the rest of the week will include lots of sitting still, lots of iced coffee, and lots of experimenting with our Zoku icypole maker. (Phil still has plans for us all to pave the driveway on Thursday (Australia Day) - I'm still waiting for the weather forecast to register with him...)

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Colin said...

Good luck Phil! If you need a hand, just holler... it's -10 here (finally, it's been a warm winter with lots of snow) so 40+ sounds nice about now.