Friday, January 27, 2012

Visiting Perth Cultural Centre

In a departure from quilts and quiltmaking, the kids and I enjoyed an outing to the Perth Cultural Centre today (and I actually had a camera with me). The Centre includes the WA Museum, Art Gallery of WA, Alexander Library and PICA but we spent our time outside in the public open space between these buildings. We love the way this area has shaped up and the kids would have also loved to spend a few hours at both the art gallery and museum.

Aaron wilts in hot weather (you can see him in one of the photos above), but despite this, they all (and I) enjoyed relaxing here - looking for frogs, watching dragonflies, eating icecream... and discovering the beautifully built playground outside the WA Museum.
And while I think of it, those of you who have young children might enjoy this post on the anderson crew's blog. I did, and realised that I already implement some similar 'rules' myself. Today, for example, we agreed beforehand that icecreams where going to be the perfect thing to enjoy together (a little bribe because I also had to do a teeny bit of shopping), but I also firmly insisted that we would not be visiting the museum this time round, as that would turn it into an epic adventure which I simply didn't have the energy for. Keeping it short and sweet meant that everyone went home happy!

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Anonymous said...

would love to head there some time ... but might wait for cooler weather!