Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photographing my quilts

I finally took 'official' photos of the seven completed quilts I had in my studio!

I like to take the photos outside to ensure sufficient natural light. At our previous house I used a large white board for this. I suspended the quilts from hooks that hung from the top edge of the board. It worked well, but the board was heavy and awkward. Now, thanks to the design walls I have seen in the homes of other artists, I have two polystyrene boards about 5cm thick. These are light enough that I can move them around by myself. Today we only needed one board, which made it even easier. And the other think I like about this setup is that I can pin the quilt to the board so that the pins are hidden and I don't have to try to hide the hanging system in photoshop.

I put the board against the southern side of the house (best light for this) and my happy helper held on to it to stop it blowing away in the howling east winds. This is the first time I've taken quilt photos at this house and I'm very happy that it all worked as I'd hoped!

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