Monday, January 30, 2012

Quilt details: To the Third and Fourth Generation

My quilt for 'Regeneration: Contemporary Quilted Textiles 2012' is on its way to the eastern states. Here are some of the detail shots I took the other day (I'll share the full photo when the exhibition opens). The red, blue and white colours where not in the original design, but I'm very happy that I added them. Although I was thinking of quick pencil sketches and sepia-toned photographs when I designed this, the quilt would have been too dull without the bits of colour.
I'm in the interesting position now where all my planned quilts have been pieced and quilted. I still have loads of threads to bury, but other than that, I have not quilts-in-progress. No chance to be bored, though, as I plan and prepare for my upcoming exhibition.


DJ 't Hart said...

Wonderful details! Can't
wait to see the whole quilt!

Karin på Ösäter said...

How I love to look at your quilts! I am glad you take some closeup photos to.

Leanne said...

very nice Ruth, love the colours too and all those small pieces... :) would like to read what you have stitched into this quilt.