Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quilting my 'Regeneration 2012' quilt

Quilting is underway now... well, actually, it's completed already, after a day-long quilting marathon.
The next step is to pull off the bits of paper you can see here (used as a stitching guide) and tie off and bury all the threads.
Below you can see part of the back of the quilt. I deliberately keep the tension on the top thread a bit loose so that the bottom thread never pulls through to the top (I like to use white thread on the bottom to match the backing fabric).
Nearly there. Maybe I need to call this quilt 'The Eleventh Hour'...

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Hartyboys said...

Hi Ruth
Just thought i would let you know that I have passed on a Liebster Award to you.
You can read about it here