Friday, October 16, 2009

Summer sewing

Well, I haven't progressed beyond the beginnings of the quilt in the last post - the week has been spent on more 'house-keeping'-type sewing, such as mending, and making summer pyjamas for our little monkey, and summer 'going-out' clothes for our big boy (who didn't want to model them for the blog). I'll be glad to have this summer sewing out of the way soon (there are quilts waiting to be stitched!) - a few more PJs and shorts to go!

In slightly related textiley news, I made a great textile acquisition, which, though rather unphotogenic, has things looking up around here! We bought a maternity support belt this morning. I have been slowed right down to a hobble by back (and other) pain every afternoon, and worse on house-cleaning and grocery-shopping days. Not a good thing when we still have over three months to go. However, after only a few hours of wearing the belt this afternoon I was already feeling much better - no backache at all, and feeling like I could tackle almost anything so I am very hopeful about this! (So is Hannah - 'now you will be able to play with me!')


Helen said...

och girl! look after yourself!

Anonymous said...

Take it easy Ruth! I've had to use one before - they become your best friend when you want to garden, vaccum or shop!
Ha - Helen - you're classic "och" !!!