Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do you see what I see?

Yes, that's right! - red fabric on my washing line. Finally, success with my dyeing! (Longer term readers will know I have been trying without success since the beginning of this blog to dye red, rather than pink, fabric!)

When my latest effort came out of the washing machine pink on Monday, something finally twigged - that it was my fabric preparation rather than my dye-mixing that was to blame. So on Tuesday I did a 'full-blown' dyeing experiment, to consider the impact of various factors on my results (fabric quality, soap type, placing fabric in sun, adding salt to bag). And then late last night I overdyed a range of pink fabrics, to hopefully give me a range of reds. Can't wait to see how they come up! Will let you know (like it or not)!

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