Friday, October 16, 2009


My 'Art Quilt Australia 09' entry is packaged and ready to post on Monday. This all happened with way less fuss and stress than normal - maybe I finally have the process worked out properly, or maybe (probably) its because of the super-duper fat-enough cardboard cylinders we now have from our extractive metallurgist friend. Today the packing process involved:
- vacuum cleaning the floor
- pulling or cutting off any stray threads on both sides of the quilt
- wiping quilt with damp cloth to remove fluff
- covering a light, narrow cardboard roll with calico held in place by rubber bands
- rolling the quilt, with front facing out, around the narrow roll
- covering rolled quilt with calico
- covering calico-wrapped quilt with bubble wrap
- inserting into super-duper cardboard cylinder, with foam bits to stop it from jiggling around
- taping up the end of the cylinder
- removing old postage labels and adding new ones.

Did you know that my quilt sizes are now dictated to some extent by Australia Post parcel size limits? Quilts are best mailed rolled rather than folded, but Australia Post will only take parcels up to 105cm long. After making a quilt which was too big by only a few centimetres I have learnt that it is worth considering this early on in the quilt designing process, rather than after the quilt is bound and photographed!


Colin said...

Who's the extractive metallurgist?

Brenda said...

I'd love some of those cardboard tubes!

I don't let Australia Post dictate the art that I create but I do take postal size limits into account in deciding what to submit for exhibition elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I hope the metallurgist reads this blog!

Ruth said...

Colin, we only know one :)

Brenda, these tubes are perfect for large quilts, but they are packaging from some screens that need regular replacing at a local nickel(?) mine, so I'm not sure how you would go about finding some over there!