Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Also on the dinner table

I don't tend to procrastinate much, but tonight, these photos and this blog post are a means of procrastination. I am in the process of cutting out a new quilt, and that is not my most favourite task. So far tonight, instead of making headway on this quilt, I have managed three separate blog-reading sessions, several trips to the toilet as well as researching heart-burn remedies, and on-line sources of daylight globes (put like that it almost sounds like a productive evening... the heart burn is gone, so I suppose that is something). I think I'll manage one more spurt of cutting and ironing and then call it a night. (I think this morning's tea party wore me out - it was worth it though, even if it were only for the hummingbird cake and the iced botanica tea!)

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Prue said...

I just went to my local electrical/lighting wholesalers for my daylight globes. They cost me about $8 each.