Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More 'craftmaking'

It's been a bit quiet on this blog as we spent the weekend in Albany terrorising my parents. Now that we're back, Aaron and Hannah are very busy with their 'making' and 'crafting'. This time they are working on projects selected from library books with much care already before the holidays - a paper birthday cake, and a crocodile who snaps his mouth open and shut when you pull his tale. Both projects have proven very successful so far!On the subject of craft, I thought I'd show our latest craft storage system. I now have quite a number of these drawer units (from Kmart and Big W). Although I don't find them particularly attractive, they do a great job of sorting out all our bits and pieces. These two are dedicated to the kids' craft supplies. We love it that we can easily see what we have. For the school holidays these boxes are living in the family room, and are a great source of inspiration for the kids.


bronya said...

cool croc! ... I need to organise my stash of stuff - just so I can convince owen to let me keep all the little bit and pieces that I promise will be used one day!

Leanne said...

wow aaron! that croc looks just as scary as your lion! and the birthday cake looks yummy enough to eat hannah! enjoy the holidays because it will soon be school again!