Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That quilt top

About that quilt top... it is still being discussed and contemplated... I tried a different style for this one, by piecing my sketch lines with black fabric, to give more of a 'cartoon-like' effect. I think maybe one problem with this style is that if I line is pieced slightly inaccurately, say it doesn't curve as much as it should, it can have quite a big impact on the look of the image, what with black being so dominant.

I was hoping to make this quilt part of a series, but was a little concerned about the dominance of the black, amongst other things. This is why I have been pushing ahead with piecing this quilt. I needed to know how it would look before finalising subsequent quilt designs.

Although I may be able to work with parts of this quilt, I don't want to follow up this cartoon-style in a series at this stage, so today was spent reworking a related quilt design into a different style. It's hard to see a difference here, but it will look significantly different when pieced!
Drawing up a pattern for piecing like this is the part of the whole quiltmaking process that takes the most mental work. I try to do this when the kids are in bed or absorbed elsewhere so that I don't lose track which colour goes where as I draw. Although I am disappointed about that quilt top not working out, I am rather pleased that my baby-brain still stands up to the challenge of reworking a quilt pattern!

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