Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here are some images from yesterday afternoon's screenprinting session. I printed 6 images, with 5 or 6 prints of each, onto calico and am very happy with the results - hardly any failed. Some will be used in the quilt I am working on. The others will get used somewhere, somehow, someday.


Prue said...

So what do you use for screenprinting? How do you make the screens?

Ruth said...

Hi Prue, I'm off to bed now - I'll try to follow up with a post next week!

Natalie Pleiter said...

Hi Ruth Ive become a follower of your work It is amazing, you def have a gift! you have inspired me to get crafty again :) Love to know all about the screen printing too, Im going to do a short course at TAFE to find a out as well, :)