Thursday, September 24, 2009

Small business, anyone?

Yesterday I tackled a job which I had been putting off for a while - a trip to Spotlight. And yes, as usual, I came home grumpy. Sometimes its having to wait in the queue for 30-45 minutes; other times its the mess I have to try to push the pram through. This time I was totally frustrated by the dismal range of fabric - barely any denim in stock, only a small range of linen, and not much at all to choose from in the way of t-shirting fabric. I was all excited about sewing some summer clothes for the kids, but came home ready to give up sewing!

Phil wonders why I still bother with Spotlight, but if a girl's gotta sew, a girl's gotta sew! He suggests importing fabric myself (Hilco - German, I think - manufactures a great collection, and these are usually featured in the Ottobre pattern magazines I use). Hmmm, I think I already have enough to do... but hey, if any of you have spare time to fill, I would love to see an Perth-based or an online-Australia-based fabric shop with an up-to-date range of fabric... please? I will be your faithful customer!


Leanne said...

Hi Ruth, sounds like a great idea. i was in the same boat on monday looking for denim and t-shirt material, but like you came home with nil. as for the business deal, i would first need to find a shop that sells time... love the blog to!

Sara said...

Ruth, have you looked at Crafty Mamas?
Lisa, the owner, carries some Hilco fabrics. She tends to order what is in Ottobre. She also buys some Stenzo fabrics. Additionally she runs special buys on different fabrics and is happy to take requests. Hilco still hasn't shipped all of the fall/winter range of fabrics yet, so she doesn't have all that she's order.

As far as t-shirt material goes, she carries a very nice cotton/spandex jersey that is manufactured here in Australia. It comes in a lovely range of colours. I also use that same knit to dye (starting with white, of course).

I have no affliation with Crafty Mamas other than I am friends with Lisa, and I spend too much money in her shop. LOL

And since I'm leaving a comment, I have to say that I am always in awe of your work. It's amazing.

Ruth said...

Sara, after my complaining post I spent a good part of the day doing 'research' online. I found Crafty Mamas and love the look of that cotton spandex, so its great to also have it recommended by someone who has seen it in real - thanks! I'll definitely be watching the shop for the new Hilco stock!

Viv said...

You should've saved your Spotlight trip for your next visit to Albany - I've never had to wait to be served there, though I'll admit there's a smaller range of fabrics.

Prue said...

I have the same gripes as you about Spotlight, except I've never ever even seen any linen at our local. I wish.