Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fabric finds

Well, after my little fabric grumble this morning I spent far too much time online to see what I could see. Bronya also emailed me some potential online shops, so I thought I'd share the things I found which agreed with me.

DuckCloth has a big range of cotton fabrics, including lots of nice prints. I like their range of linen, especially the natural European ones. I also love the range of colours in the organic cotton canvas - look great for boys shorts and pants (boys colours being particularly difficult to find).

Organic Fabric online
has some nice dark denim and some really nice prints in sateen and twill, and the fabric is extra wide. I would love to see them do some more interlock in their nice bold prints, with coordinating plains.

I Just Love That Fabric
has oilcloth to drool over. No,I wasn't looking for oilcloth, but might just have to place an order anyway, for a raincoat for Hannah next winter... and one of those coordinated packs would go rather nice in my stash!

Funky Fabrix has some very nice cotton prints, perhaps more useful for craft purposes rather than sewing clothes, but very tempting all the same!

Last but not least, Crafty Mamas stocks Hilco fabric! I understand that they get limited stock in, so I would need to order as soon as possible once it comes in, so I'll just have to be a bit organised and plan some of next winter's sewing already. I love the velvet and the stripey knit that is soon to come in. Also, they stock a cotton spandex knit which looks to be exactly what I'm after. I would love to order a range of colours, as I often whip up a t-shirt for one of the kids, to finish off one of their outfits, and then its so handy to have a stash!

I'm pretty happy with what I found, although my ideal shop would simply stock a range of denim (soft, rigid, stretch, dark, 'dirty-look' and brown), cotton canvas ( range of six or so colours), cotton spandex (at least 10 colours), good quality windcheater fabric (at least six colours), some stripy and spotty t-shirt fabric, a large range of ribbing colours to match the t-shirt and jumper fabric, and a range of printed and plain corduroy (colour to suit the stretch and cotton fabric). All for a reasonable price, of course! (There appears to be a wealth of nice cotton prints available online, so I wouldn't feel a need to stock those).


Prue said...

If that shop existed I would shop there too - for the right prices of course!

Arlene said...

have you been to the shop on glyde street in Mosman park/cottesloe. I think they're mostly quilt fabrics but they always have cute prints.
name slips my mind