Friday, September 11, 2009

Light to work

Phil took me shopping this week for a new lamp. Now I have sufficient light to work in my studio at night! Before I had just enough to use my sewing machine, but not for selecting fabrics and threads. I was looking at lamps from here in my search for the right kind of light, but aside from not liking them, they are also quite expensive. However, I found 'daylight' globes at our local hardware so we went looking for a lamp to fit (something with an opaque shade, fairly narrow so that the light could be focussed where needed, and of course one which looks nice). The BAROMETER floor lamp from IKEA does the job perfectly, and we are even considering getting another one to give light from two sides.


Prue said...

Daylight globes have transformed my creativity - no more just during the day when the light is good, but night time too! Hooray!

bronya said...

yay ... I need some lamps for upstairs ... i like it when other people have done the research for me ... note to self: daylight globes and Barometer floor lamp

jojo said...

Hi! Ruth
You are amazing , enjoy the gift of creating that God graciously gave you. A Johanna