Saturday, May 2, 2009

Portraits and piecing

I am thoroughly enjoyed the colourful cast of characters gracing the scrap papers in our drawing cupboard at the moment! Top image is a self-portrait by Aaron, done while looking in the mirror. What do you say then when your six year old asks if his drawing looks like himself? Will he be offended if I say yes or if I say no?? The next picture is a self-portrait by Hannah. She draws people all day, but to draw the trees was a major achievement for her - it took a significant amount of time and concentration to get the 'squigly' foliage happening. Please note the (red) bag stuck in the tree. Not sure how it got there...

Meanwhile the piecing of my next quilt is well underway.
I always end up with a container full of fabric offcuts and the colours always look so nice together that I find it hard to through these out. I have now set a size limit for keeping: if I were to take a seam allowance off all sides and there would still be fabric left, then I keep it; otherwise it gets thrown.

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Phil said...

Such beautiful drawings! Aaron & Hannah, I would love to see a picture of Caleb & Mummy... maybe you could draw one together and ask Mummy to post it! Love from Daddy