Wednesday, May 13, 2009

As promised

Wow, its been a hectic day, between the morning school run, a trip to the city (including the camera shop for a new camera card, a flying visit to the quilt show, an obligatory browse of the art gallery shop), walking home, delivering a sewing project to a happy owner, visiting the post office, the afternoon school run, picking up printing from Snap, and picking up Phil from the block! I finally had my first coffee at 5pm which may explain my headache! In a little bit I have to head out again for youth Bible study club. (Just in case you think my life is spent behind the sewing machine!)But for now... here's the promised picture(s)...
The quilt is called "Weeyaww, weeyaww!" (to say it, just imagine a small boy racing around with his little fire engines and police cars, and make sure its full volume - I'm afraid I get a bit of a kick out of a 'challenging' title like that!:))

1 comment:

Prue said...

That's so cool. My son would love it, especially if it had his face on it!