Friday, May 8, 2009

My new machine

Look at my new toy! It is seriously heavy duty, and smells authentically greasy, too. I tried it out this morning, with some very excited observers! Do you know what it is? A snap press (and 1000 snaps in 10 different colours)! What am I going to use it for? A new sewing project I am very excited about (as those who speak to me regularly will know - Phil looks forward to this project being finished so that he doesn't have to hear about it all the time)... But I'm going to be difficult and leave you in suspense until I have a bit more to show you! In the meantime, don't be surprised if you see snaps appearing in random places - this machine is very easy to use! I'll try to keep them off my quilts, though.

As to the quilt I am piecing, two days ago as I sat down to work on it, some of my enjoyment was taken away by the fact that I had quite a few outstanding jobs and projects that were niggling at my conscience. I put the quilt away for a couple of days and now that many of those jobs are done I am looking forward to getting going on it again this morning! And this afternoon we get to pick up Phil from the airport -HOORAY! He's been in Botswana for 10 days, which is how I am getting so many projects finished around here (its OK - he knows I get lots done while he's gone - I actually plan lots of projects in advance as a distraction during the long days and evenings) but we can't wait to have him back again!


Denise said...

So do the snaps get used together with the bamboo fabric????
Hope Phil had a good time in Botswana.

Ruth said...

Yes, they do! I have 24 cut out waiting to be sewn up!

Anonymous said...

We are really intriqued what you will be doing next!
We have missed out on all the talk about your new projects, so we are waiting to see what will happen next.
Greetings from Albany!

Prue said...

Where did you get it?!

Ruth said...

Hi Prue,
Got it through
I'm really happy about this as I was getting frustrating with the metal ones you need to bang in. These are easy to apply and seem to hold really well!

Prue said...

I will have to check it out! Thanks.

DereknSteph said...

wow.. you jet setters you!! both of you traveling around the world in such a short time... pity you couldn't go together hey!! How did Phil like Botswana?.. that would be a neat place to go to.. we want to wish Ruth a nice trip to Ohio and then visiting and traveling with Helen.. love reading your blog btw. Such a great way to catchup with you guys!!