Friday, May 1, 2009

My new sewing box

I have a new large quilt all cut out and ready to be pieced. I am looking forward to getting stuck into the piecing but always find that I can't seem to get started until I have done a spring-clean and a bit of home organisation. Not sure why that is...So today we visited one of my favourite shopping precincts - the second-hand and antique shops in Guildford and Midland and I now have a new sewing box. This is something I have never had any particular wish for before. It was more born out of a need for a new storage system for my collection of Schleich animals. Up till now they have been stored in a basket on top of our piano, which looked quite nice. But the paint was starting to come off where the animals rubbed against each other when the kids rummaged through the basket.

Now they are housed rather comfortably in the new sewing box and there is still room for more. I have my eye on more marine animals at the moment!At the same shop we found this box, perfect for housing my yet-to-be-printed recipe cards. Perhaps one of the nicest finds of all was unfortunately too big to fit into our car along with two small children. It was two old lidded school desks joined together with an attached school bench. Since it was 'leave the children' or 'leave the desk' it now awaits another happy customer. Hope it goes to a good home.
Anyway, it took a bit of mucking around but we think we have found a good spot for the animals on top of the ammo box that holds our Quadrilla set and our basket of handmade toys.

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