Monday, February 20, 2012

Display boxes at 'Regeneration - Contemporary Quilted Textiles 2012'

When 'Regeneration - Contemporary Quilted Textile 2012' opens in April, each quilt is going to accompanied by an individual display boxes featuring 'any material which the artist believes will help convey to the audience the story behind the finished work.'
I love this idea, as my favourite exhibitions are ones that include working sketches and sneak peaks into artists' sketchbooks. So I've made a little pieced sample to include in my box along with some other bits and pieces from the quiltmaking process. I know people are often fascinated as to how my quilt tops take shape, and showing the back of a pieced sample is the best explanation I can give.
I look forward to seeing pictures of other display boxes in the exhibition if they become available!

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Jared Hill said...

I look forward to the other pictures as well! The ones you’ve posted here are already quite intriguing.@aboriginal art