Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Caleb draws Jeremy

Over the weekend I was thinking about all the various drawing 'tasks' I have to do over the coming weeks, and about how nice it would be if Caleb was more interested in drawing, so that he could join me. Unlike Aaron and Hannah who were always busy doing art and craft at this age, Caleb is perfectly content to play with his really useful engines all day long. 
Then yesterday, out of the blue, while he was busy with the trains and their friends he suddenly declared "Mummy, I'm going to draw Jeremy" and off he went. 
I love the fact that instead of drawing a stereotypical plane, he put Jeremy next to his paper and drew what he could see - exactly what every high school art teacher drums into his/her students...
Now he's back with his engine friends. I'm curious to see when the next artistic urge will strike.

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