Monday, February 6, 2012

Another birthday quilt

After Hannah's birthday last year, Aaron very sweetly asked if he could maybe have a quilt for his bed too, for his next birthday. Of course, I had to think long and hard about that one... just kidding... I was already planning to make him one, but wasn't sure if he'd appreciate it as a birthday present, so I was very happy to be proven wrong.
With regular little reminders that February is birthday month, I blocked out today for piecing the top together. So happy how it's looking. I was mulling over various ideas involving plain fabric and simple geometric designs, but when I loved this quilt by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts the moment I saw it. I took chose colours to coordinate with the old school maps hanging in Aaron (and Caleb's) room.
The piecing was completed 10 minutes before the kids came home from school - perfect timing!

1 comment:

bronya said...

the picture in my head of the finished product means this quilt is going to look awesome ...
love the old school maps and the boys bedroom - once again you are the decorating queen xx