Friday, August 26, 2011

The vocabulary of a three year old

That's our little bookworm, who is most emphatically three fingers old, but growing up fast. He uses words like 'truly', 'indeed' and 'marvellous' as part of his everyday language so that you would think he actually reads all those books. No, he can't read yet - he just has an awesome ability to retain words and add them to his vocab, so that if you get to know him well enough (a privilege reserved for a select few) you are quite likely to be well entertained by his verbal abilities!

Oh, and the bean bag is one of four (another this size and two smaller) I made just before we moved. I didn't realise they would be quite so big, and I'd hoped they would be more 'pouffe-like' but the kids wouldn't have them any different.


Lisa said...

I hope it's something about his name that helps his vocab - there's hope for our little boy yet!
But seriously, just GREAT that he loves books and words!!!

bronya said...

that is so cute ... i'd love to hear a little tike sprouting out truly marvellous words ... and not to take away from his cuteness but that beanbag is FANTASTIC ... i've been hearing a lot about your house from owens mum, can't believe i haven't been inside yet - ripped off :) ...