Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mission accomplished

Above you see a snapshot of life here for the past three days, as documented by our faithful computer (hence the poor quality, back-to-front photo). A little obsessive perhaps, but I am pleased to report that, exceeding my initial expectations, the quilt is quilted AND the house is (at least superficially) housecleaned. Not a trace of the madness of 'easy living' left. Maybe Phil won't even suspect a thing when he returns in a few hours time. Or maybe he knows me too well. (And I'm not sure I would be able to explain away a newly quilted quilt anyway - he'll never fall for "it magically quilted itself while I faithfully did my housework" ...)
I should clarify about the quilting, though. Only the ditch-stitching is completed. I always quilt in two phases - first the ditch-stitching and then extra stitching to created pattern and texture (most often in the background areas of the quilt). Ideally the thread ends get buried between the phases but I don't always (OK, hardly ever) have the patience to do that before finishing phase two of the quilting.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the background quilting on this one, though. I'm hoping for a brainwave overnight.

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