Thursday, August 11, 2011

How I make my quilts

My plan today included showing you further progress on my 'school' quilt, but I didn't get around to taking photos while there was still daylight. Instead, far too much time was spent doing battle with Blogger. We made a bit of headway this evening, so now I can tell you that at the top of my blog there is a new page titled 'How I Make My Quilts'. People often ask about my quilt making process, and this new page gives a general overview of the various steps involved - designing, cutting, piecing and quilting. Maybe one day when I'm not quite so mad at Blogger, I will upgrade the images to a larger size, but I'm afraid these smaller ones will have to do for now!
Please check it out, and do let me know if you don't understand what I have written!


Karin på Ösäter said...

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it is allways fun to looka at your quilts and now I only wish to see them for real.

Lisa said...

Wow, you're very talented and i admire your work. Such time and dedication to something you obviously enjoy doing! Keep it up!