Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Taking shape, and shaping our day

Nothing drastic yet.
On a different matter, I played with my alphabet stamps yesterday. I need to focus on establishing a good daily routine for Caleb and Daniel (something we have struggled with ever since Daniel came along). That, and numerous people wondering where I find time to sew, has had me putting a lot of thought into what our days currently look like, and what I would like them to look like. So here's my plan:
It's those green Z's that we're focussing on for now - getting the boys' sleeps happening at regular times, and getting their afternoon sleeps coordinated, so that I have some time out during the day. Trying to find a good regular time between school runs, errands and appointments has been a real struggle, and I think I'm going to have to let the errands and appointments take second place to the sleeps for a while, until things improve!


bronya said...

love love love the routine sheet ... the 'zzzzz's are my favourite ...

Ruth said...

Caleb likes to point at the zzzs and say 'Hannah's sleep, Aaron's sleep, Daniel's sleep, Caleb's sleep, Mummy's sleep' - he's obviously listened to us discussing that routine! And Phil laughed when he saw the sheet - he says that at a glance it looks like total chaos!