Monday, November 1, 2010

I love home days

Today I am not going out for anything. No school runs and no errands. This is a good thing for Caleb and Daniel's routine, which often suffers at the hand of our busy family life. It is also a good thing for my quiltmaking, especially since I cleaned the house on Saturday, and dinner tonight consists of leftovers. I am managing to spend a good amount of time getting started on my next quilt top. For now that involves trimming all the pieces, and puzzling them together. I lay them out in sections, on pieces of A3 paper, which get stacked on top of each other until I am ready to sew them. This quilt is tentatively called 'Bubbles' (yes, very original) and is the first in a series of (at least) five quilts. My goal for today is to lay out all the pieces and to screenprint some bubbles onto some of the background pieces. I better get back to it while the boys are still sleeping!

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