Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Quilt That Went to Visit Bronya

Well, actually, Bronya made a special day trip with her girls to visit the quilt, amongst other things. This is 'My Big Wide World', currently on show at the International Quilt Festival in Houston as part of the 'Wonders of the World' exhibition. This quilt is based on the idea that for little boys, their backyard is a big wide world just waiting to be explored, with wonderful discoveries to be made at every turn.

I'm sure I wrote the dimensions and an 'official' artist's statement down somewhere, but it is Saturday evening and I am feeling to lazy to try to find them. I think it is in the order of 120-150cm wide. Anyway, thankyou for visiting my quilt, Bronya... oh, and for prompting the whole quilt in the first place!


Karin på Ösäter said...

I wish I lived in Houston then I would be able to stand infront of the quilt, it is not quite the same to try and get once eyes in through the computer to nearly feel the image/quilt. I keep on saying to people have seen that blog? She is amazing, fantastic! That is what you are!
Grettings from a cold Sweden

Ruth said...

Thanks very much for your enthusiastic feedback, Karin!

Bec said...

Amazing, love the colours!!

Gillian Cooper said...

Hi Ruth
I saw your quilt in Houston and was really impressed. It really caught the wonder of a child and how they don't need things like trips to Houston to keep them amused, all they need is their own safe home environment. It's the adults that need the fun trips out to keep them sane (or is that my excuse for leaving my three little ones at home whilst I went to Houston?!)