Monday, November 22, 2010

Special privileges

I'm feeling awfully privileged lately. I have received permission from the parents and teachers of Aaron's class at school to take photos of the kids throughout the day, for the purpose of making a quilt! Not only do I have many nice photos to work from already, but I'm also rather enjoying the free license to quietly duck into the classroom for 10 minutes or so at random times during the week - I always enjoy watching the kids interacting with each other and the teacher!My original intent was to take a batch of photos now for some time in the future when I am ready to work on this quilt, but ideas are sprouting, and I don't think they will wait for the future. I'm looking forward to some sketching and designing over the next few weeks!

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DereknSteph said...

Thats so cool Ruth!! can't wait to see the finished result.
Ebenezer Canadian Reformed School, the school in Smithers that Katie will hopefully be going to has an open door policy. Which means parents are welcome any time to pop into any classroom and see whats going on. I love that idea!!
Also Happy 6th Birthday to Hannah. Katie also sends a birthday hug. She still remembers Hannah, Aaron and Caleb. Maybe we can skype sometime so she can see you guys again.. Do you use skype? I am loving all the free international phonecalls I can make. And to see Katie interact with her Opa and Oma is amazing to see.. one of the blessings of technology.