Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Screenprinting with kids

To start Aaron and Hannah off with their screenprinting, I cut a circle out of cartridge paper. They were then told to cut shapes out of the circle paper, to make up a design within the circle-hole.
Aaron got all tricky, having seen me make many paper stencils for screenprinting. He didn't realise that the shapes didn't need to be joined together, so he came up with an interesting, but very complicated design!

We put some butcher paper inside the T-shirts so that paint wouldn't seep through to the back, and then the kids put their designs in place. My blank silkscreen was then placed over top for printing. Aaron even pulled is own print, while I held the screen!
Don't they look great?


DereknSteph said...

That is so cool Ruth. Good job Aaron and Hannah!! :) I love your tshirts. Love Auntie Steph

willow and moo said...

Ruth, those are fantastic! I love the circle idea to start with too. I might have to get out my neglected screen and do that with my kids some time soon.

Karin på Ösäter said...

Lovely t-shirts and talented kids!
It looks like it is warm and nice at your place on earth, here it is 2 degrees below 0, celsius that is.
I want the summer to come back soon. Have a nice weekend.
Karin på Ösäter

Anonymous said...

My goodness you have talented children!! Those are so so amazing.
It was a great idea to direct the creativity with the circle and then let them loose, we so often box kids into what they must "create".
You're a Super Mum, good luck with all your upcoming quilts.

nutty natty said...

there fantastic, I might need to invite the nephew and nieces around for a creative day at my house. I love your crafty ideas.