Monday, September 20, 2010

A bit of a bind

What better place to bind a picnic blanket...
...that outside in the sun on a picnic blanket?
Alternatively, of course, you could hang around chattering, under the pretense of colouring in...
...or bump the sky with a big stick!Aiming to make the most of the less-than-three-weeks left in our house and garden!

Oh, and these images are not from today, unfortunately, but rather last Friday. Today was a rather different story involving a journey of epic proportions to retrieve the car from the mechanic. A 20 minute walk, a half-hour train ride (involving two separate trains) - to the delight of the little boys, a 50 minute walk (20 minutes longer than it should have been due to me not being able to read the map properly), two flat tyres on a three-wheeler pram containing two little boys, and chewing gum on the bottom of my shoe. Everything would have been quite bearable if not for that last point. Because if there is anything guaranteed to send me wild, it is SOMEONE ELSE's chewing gum stuck to the bottom of MY shoe!

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