Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh, I do like a challenge!

I have been offered a wonderful exhibition opportunity in the first half of next year. Of course, I quite sensible responded by saying, 'thankyou very much, but unfortunately a number of large quilts are currently on tour and unavailable, and also, we are shifting house twice in the next six months, so this will not be feasible'... Ha - not likely! I suppressed an excited squeal and responded with a rather sedate 'why yes, thankyou, I'd be delighted' while mentally reassuring myself that we'll find some quilts somewhere, somehow. So there is going to have to be some serious quiltmaking happening here for the next while! Not that anyone's complaining, mind you!

The last few days were spent sorting through my sewing room, packing things to take along to our rental house or to put into storage. I am taking the essential quiltmaking supplies along with us and everything else is going into storage. I have a 'modest' 12 large crates of supplies to take along (yes, I am slightly embarassed by this...). It's all nice and tidy now, though, and I am all fired up to get going on a serious quiltmaking stint. The best part is that I will be able to share progress with you here, as these quilts don't have to be top secret!


Helen said...

Does this mean that you will be making an exhibition of your children's quilts? So exciting to finally get to do this!! :)

Ruth said...

Hi Helen,
Yes, I'll be exhibiting a good number of children's quilts, but also some eucalyptus ones. I think I'd still like to the see the childhood quilts together in a formal gallery space at some stage, though! We'll see! I'll give more details at some stage.