Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On the sly

I have been doing a bit of making on the sly over last couple of months. 'On the sly' meaning that I haven't shared it with you here yet, and it happened over snatched snippets of time between house photography, house inspections, house reinspections and paper signings... (It feels rather sneaky when you quickly whisk any trace of making and living out of sight before vacating the house yet again). I've been making and squirreling away various things for the upcoming Fine Food and Craft Market hosted by the Free Reformed Church of Southern River. I might pull some things out to photograph and share at some stage, but for now, here's the current project for the market... ...a picnic blanket... Well, five picnic blankets, actually. They are made from a range of upholstery fabrics and other remnants, as well as a selection of screenprinted bits. Do you see that greeny browny florally veloury patterned fabric with the lineny background (how's that for a vaguish description)......that one there... That is the most beautiful piece of fabric I ever had the privilege of owning. You wouldn't believe how many times I pulled it out of the pile of selected fabrics for these blankets and put it back into my own stash, only to find it make its way back into the selection in no time at all... In the end I gave in, with the thought that it adds a nice bit of zing to the quilts, but I shouldn't really have fallen for that argument - that fabric would add a bit of zing to ANY project. Oh, well, I can only hope they don't sell too well so that I can continue to enjoy that fabric.


Anonymous said...

awesome Ruth! They look great - I look forward to you being there!

Tash O

Anonymous said...

Ruth we would love to feature you as a seller in our advertising ... with your permission of course!
let me kow if that is ok and if I can pinch one of your photos for it :)
Very excited to hear you will be joining us this time!!!
Pip O

Anonymous said...

I'll have to get to the markets very early to nab one before they're all sold!! Keep up the great work!

bronya said...

you have to save me one :) ... they look gorgeous ... i've just been complaining about needing a picnic rug ... how convenient ... or inconvenient as the half way round the world thing goes ... b x