Saturday, March 20, 2010

When the adrenalin kicks in

When you only have ten or fifteeen minute intervals in which to piece a quilt of 1000 or so pieces, you try not to think about the quilt as a whole, but focus rather on very small sections at a time. Bit by bit the various sections grow. Suddenly, there are no more little bits left and you realise that instead of 1000 pieces, you now have 20 or so larger sections...
Then the adrenalin kicks in, and you say to yourself 'hang those 10 minute sewing sessions!' and the housework gets ignored, dinner is forgotten and the kids get left to their own devices. (I wonder when they will catch on to the fact that this is the point at which they can ask for their heart's desires and I'll probably say 'yes' without thinking, as I have only one thing on my mind at this stage). And all at once you have a new quilt top completed!
I can't show it yet, but I love this one. It was the most challenging so far. I pushed the piecing down to a very small scale. It worked, but didn't make for enjoyable sewing, so I think I will go a little bigger in future.

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