Monday, March 8, 2010

Handy little tool

Trimming the quilt so that it is ready for binding has always been a dreaded part of the quiltmaking process, at least for those quilts which don't fit on my cutting mat (anything over A3 size, in my case). This little tool donated by my father-in-law (a carpenter) has certainly made the job easier, though. It has a laser light in it which throws a straight line across the quilt, for me to cut along, and by lining up notches on its side with a cut edge, I can make sure that the edges are at right angles to each other. Apparently these things only cost a few dollars at the hardware shop when you can find them, but unfortunately I have no idea what its called!


Erica Spinks said...

Ruth, thanks for showing us this - how useful! Does it have a name or brand on the tool? I think it would be a great addition to my sewing equipment.

Ruth said...

Hi Erica,
Apparently it's called a Universal Laser Line Marker, by Sontax. Hope you can find one!