Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3am housework

Been doing some 3am housework lately - a by-product of 2:30am quality one-on-one time with the baby. Just some dishes, and some tidying up, things I don't seem to have energy for anymore at 10pm. The next step?
3am quiltmaking, of course!

No, I didn't, but I'm thinking that I probably could get away with it, as Phil is generally fairly oblivious to the night-time feedings. How blissful that would be - to sew while everyone else is sleeping!


bronya said...

wow ... I remember struggling to sit upright and keep my eyes open for 3am night feeds let alone finding energy to do all those things ... super woman!

DJ. 't Hart said...

If you were to buy a dishwasher, you would have that time for sewing anyway!

h said...

I can see how 3am would be an appealing time to sew, if you're awake anyway. (: Haha Mrs' tHart - if you needed an excuse for a dishwasher, four kids is certainly a good one. (: