Thursday, January 14, 2010

From where I sit

Thanks for all the best wishes and kind words regarding the birth of Daniel! (No, he's not still crying in his basket - I picked him up right after the photo.)

With a bit of blackmail and bribery, I managed to convince Phil to take me home from hospital this morning. It is so nice to be back in my own space!

I'm always amazed how clear my head feels after nine months of pregnancy haze. Today I spent some time catching up on a huge backlog of blog reading, and felt incredibly inspired by all the things other people have been doing and making. I have severely itchy hands! But don't worry, my end of the 'coming-home-early-from-hospital' deal involves sitting down with my feet up as much as possible, so for now I will spend my days just dreaming, plotting and planning new quilts and handmade projects.

Something to leave you with: if, like me, you have spent many hours trying to work out in your mind how your sewing machine makes its stitches, you must check out this post by sooz!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Ruth and Daniel! Make sure you take it easy Ruth and keep cool over the next few days. (there - enough telling off and enjoy the quiet moments with your new little man!)


Anonymous said...

btw now I no longer need to wonder about sewing machines. That animation was very cool! Tash O