Friday, January 15, 2010

From where I sat today

Between the nursing pads and the Lansinoh, the sadly-neglected 'golden elm' quilt made a reappearance today. It's at the stage where the bits of lunchpaper* need to be pulled off, and the loose threads need to be tied away - perfect work for a day spent on the couch with my feet up. Aaron and Hannah returned home this evening so there will be a bit less 'feet-up' time from now on. It's wonderful to be slowly getting the family back together, though!
*some of the quilting design was sketched onto lunchpaper as a guide, then placed over the quilt and stitched through... it now needs to be ripped away with the help of blunt tweezers

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Sarah said...

Hi Ruth, first congratulations on the safe arrival of Daniel and second, on your blog. I am new to the activity and now I have started wonder why I took so long! And yours is an inspiration, thank you!