Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forming habits

Sitting in hospital gave me a lot of quiet time to think about priorities, and establishing good habits and daily routines. There are various things which I have long tried to make a part of my regular daily routine, but for which I have a whole range of excuses for not getting to them regularly enough... So now I have made myself a little reminder card in my diary, which lists five regular daily activities which I want to introduce into my day, or improve on in my day. These include paying more attention to my skin and hair (like actually combing it in the morning - I told you the other day that hairstyling is not my strong point!), daily pelvic and abdominal exercises, regular exercise in the form of a walk or bike ride, personal Bible reading and prayer, and also a drawing a day (or thereabouts, excluding Sundays)... So far, pretty good, all things considered! For example, I have 5 consecutive days of drawings in my journal now, and am also enjoying doing them!

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