Thursday, July 2, 2009

If you visit us for coffee...

If you come for a coffee visit to our house, I can assure you that every effort will have been made to ensure there are not pins stuck into the couch or elsewhere, for unsuspecting bottoms and feet. (I am rather pleased by the fact that, although Caleb finds all sorts of weird and wonderful things on our floor, in 15 months he had never yet been able to find a pin!).

However, I'm afraid I can't make any such promises about loose threads. They are beyond help, and you are almost certain to leave with a loose thread attached somewhere. Consider it a souvenir of time spent in a house where baking is done in a dash, and cleaning is done in a flash, so that there is maximum time for sewing and other fun things, but where you are always certainly most welcome for coffee (and biscuits, if they didn't get burnt while I squeezed in another 10 minutes at the sewing machine)!

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D 't Hart said...

We were trying to fit in a coffee visit last weekend, but we simply ran out of time.
You are on top of the list next time we come to A'dale!