Friday, July 10, 2009

Exploring and being inspired

Aaron calls it 'exploring', I call it 'gathering inspiration'. Either way, we all enjoy a wander through the garden, discovering and rediscovering beautiful things. Although I have thousands and thousands of 'inspiration' photos archived on CDs and DVDs, its always nice to take a fresh look at things, making new photos (which I refer to for sketching, and design ideas, as well as colours and shading).

Its school holidays and we have been enjoying the company of Grandma (my mum) for the last few days. For the next five days, though, there will only be three of us at home, so I am hoping to spend some time focussing on potential quilt concepts and designs.


Prue said...

I particularly like that last photo. Hmmmm... the sun... so warm!

Do you have any botanical training? I've wondered... or perhaps you just have a love of God's creation?

Ruth said...

Hi Prue, no I don't have botanical training - I studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental) and Bachelor of Science (Zoology) - but I do love studying God's creation, especially up close! There is so much to enjoy!