Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How hard can it be? (Or: Quilt photography with a toddler)

TASK: to photography completed quilt (hooray to finally making a dent in that large pile of 'nearly finished' quilts) to share with bloggy readersSTRATEGY: place quilt on floor, place self on stepladder, hold camera up in the air, aim and shoot. Review aim and shoot again. Negotiate with toddler. Take aim again. Straighten camera a little. Shoot and hope for the best. Bribe toddler as required. Aim and shoot again. Repeat as necessary until you have a nice straight photo of the quilt, or until insanity threatens, whichever occurs first...Thankyou to those who responded to my last post about workshops. I'm still keen to hear from you if you have any workshop thoughts. (I won't be holding you to attend any of my workshops, I just like to hear some ideas). I can say that at this stage I won't be running beginner workshops. I would aim to make my teaching specific to my own style of quiltmaking (seeing as that's what I know best) and would expect workshop participants to be reasonably competent with a sewing machine and possibly have at least some experience in quiltmaking too.

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