Monday, October 31, 2011

Workshops: your thoughts?

OK, today I am wondering if some of you dear readers can help me out. I am considering taking on some teaching, and in order to developing some workshops I would love to hear from you.

If you might be the least bit inclined to join in one of my workshops, what sort of things would you be interested in learning and doing? For example, would you like to see techniques-based workshops where you learn skills to take home and apply in your own projects, or project-based workshops where you come home with a completed (or near completed) project? Would you be interested in the designing side of quiltmaking, or the construction side of quiltmaking?
Of course I have a whole host of thoughts myself - a two-day workshop focussed on quilting images into your work, or one on screenprinting, or a 'design and start making your own botanical quilt' workshop'... There are so many options that I would like to know what you would hope to get out of a workshop or what you would be interested in learning about?

I would love to hear from you via the comments, or by email to ruth{at}


Marleen said...

I would love to see some technique based workshops, learning skills to take home. One for quilt beginners. I would also LOVE a workshop on screen printing.

inga said...

Hi Ruth
How wonderful of you to consider having a workshop in quilt making. I would love to see the different stages of process of your quilt making from design to a finish pice of can put my name down for that if decide to teach us your techniques of quilt making.

Sally said...

I'd love to learn anything you could teach me. I admire you quilts so much - I suppose construction techniques would be most interesting - your quilts are put together with so many curves. Love them. Frankly though I would be happy to learn anything you could teach me... consider me signed up for a workshop (if I can escape my children!)