Saturday, April 3, 2010

Things we did

Well, we have been busy around here this week (promise!) - there just hasn't been much to show for it at the end of the day. There were all kinds of textiley projects (sort of) such as:
14 loads of washing
car washing
trying on winter clothes and decided what still needs to be bought or sewn
shopping for winter clothes
tidying up the thread stash
There were also many projects not remotely textiley such as:
making and eating chocolate torte
lots of walking (to make up for the chocolate torte)
sanding the deck balustrade in preparation for its new wintercoat
scanning Oma Bonker's old photos for inclusion in our family heritage album
cleaning and reorganising kitchen cupboards
listening to Aaron recite a part of the Easter story at school
admiring Hannah's many drawings and colouring-in pictures
and watching Caleb master the scooter.

All part of being the mum around here, I guess! (There's nothing like making a list of what you did do, to make you feel better about what you didn't get to; kind of like listing what you didn't buy to make you feel better about what you did buy... I like psychology!)

Now the little boys are sleeping and I am enjoying this (and trying hard not to think about the leftover chocolate torte in the fridge which I COULD be enjoying):I hope you are enjoying your Easter celebrations!


Sarah said...

Hi Ruth I enjoy reading your blog so much! I think the lists are a great way to recognise how much you have achieved, yours reminds me of all the things I should have done! On the subject of being 'mother' AND 'artist' your work/way of working reminds me of Mary Kelly (although she didn't make quilts as far as I know! I'm talking 'process' here!). I missed out on the years the boys were growing up (although I had a habit of reading a dictionary when they wouldn't sleep, so perhaps all was not lost). I'm attempting to catch up now though. Thanks for the inspiration! Sarah

Ruth said...

Thanks for the feedback, Sarah. The article I found online regarding Mary Kelly's Post-Partum Document:Documentations I-III at ICA, London sounds interesting. I will have to look further into her work. Although I would choose to highlight the joys of raising children in my artwork, I can certainly relate to her emphasis on the work involved, as well as the fact that this must in someway impact my work as an artist.