Friday, April 23, 2010

A solemn thing

It is a very solemn thing to become another year older. Something to be absorbed with all your senses (don't waste effort and focus on superfluous things like smiling).
Never fear, though, Caleb is thoroughly enjoying his birthday - that's just his normal facial expression for 'discovering the world!' He is having a very nice birthday, full of books (he LOVES books), trains (he LOVES trains)...
...and a swing full of visitors (he loves his new swing, and he LOVES visitors but prefers to have the swing to himself).
So, yes, Caleb is now two! Who would have thought that such a little guy can stake out such a dominant position in a family of six? Even with a new baby in house, the days often still seem dominated by Caleb (just as he has a fairly prominent place on this blog!) - sometimes in positive ways, sometimes in not-so-positive ways. Maybe it's the age. Having said that, his passion for life is probably actually what we enjoy the most about him! It is our prayer that as he grows up he will learn to use that passion for the glory of God!

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Viv said...

Nice photos Ruth. The cakes look great! Sam's fascinated by his cousins :-)